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Specialist knowledge from the start

We recommend contacting a separator specialist at the start of the project. Only in this way can the ideal individual product solution among the numerous requirement cases be discovered and developed. BENE technical consultants support customers/planners from the planning stage up to implementation of a project and beyond. This is the only method that can ensure that all influencing factors and requirements are considered from the start.

Research & Development

Innovation and progress are the basis of a successful company. BENE products are therefore continuously optimised and equipped with pioneering technologies. In this way, the customer/planner can be assured that they will always benefit from state-of-the-art technology.  In turn, the respective knowledge from individual projects therefore provides the basis for further innovations.

Consulting & Planning

BENE advises customers/planners from the start regarding their individual project features. For this reason, contacting BENE technical consultants as early as possible is recommended. Communication during the early phase of planning is an important tool for all of the parties involved, and provides the basis for the development of the respective best-possible separator solution. No two projects are alike; each has its own unique aspects and special requirements. In order to be able to deliver the future operator the ideal concept, the requirements are taken completely into consideration during project planning.


The production of the required separator projects that follows is equally as important as optimal project planning. For this reason, the production of BENE separators takes place at the company's own works in The Bauhaus City, Dessau. In this way, the greatest possible quality is ensured for the customer, thanks to which they may operate the separator for many years without any worries.

Assembly & Commissioning

BENE offers extensive services up to commissioning the separator and more. BENE construction managers supervise the installation of the finished separators on-site. Skilled BENE technicians plan and complete conversion procedures, installation of implants, assembly of separation modules, additional technical components, and equipment. In this way, the work is completed on schedule, and an optimally functional system is provided. BENE technicians accompany customers up to commencement of regular operations of the BENE separator during assembly, commissioning, transfer of the system, and personnel training.

Safety & Guarantee

BENE stands for quality. This guarantees the customer problem-free operation of the system for many years at the lowest operating costs. For optimal system support, the BENE customer service and BENE technicians are also available after acceptance by the customer to respond to all service inquiries.