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Company profile

Transfer of speciality knowledge, technical consulting, and personal consulting for planners and building specialists in the phase

  • Assessment of basic conditions 
  • Concept development
  • Planning 
  • Execution 
  • Operation

are characteristics of the BENE company. In this case, the customer and their special situation are the focus, and we will deliver a tailor-made package for this purpose.

Satisfied customers provide an important benchmark that we use to measure our success. We achieve this through extensive planning services and the best product technology and quality.

Our products and services

  • oil separators and fat separators
  • mobile separator systems
  • emulsion treatment systems
  • de-icing agent treatment
  • general inspection
  • modernisation concepts and execution
  • maintenance service
  • customer service
  • separator disposal
  • separator cleaning
  • training for skilled staff
  • separator replacement parts
  • etc.