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Nature-identical application-optimised treatment system for de-icing water

De-icing water for airplanes and flight operation areas

treatment requirement

  • Treatment using area and aircraft de-icing agents
  • From 0°C/32°F it is necessary that aircraft and flight operation areas be de-iced/kept ice-free.
  • De-icing water primarily consists of various alcohol compounds and water.
  • Direct introduction into the receiving channel and the ground water is possible with BENE DECON.
  • In contrast untreated introduction of de-icing water into a public treatment plant represents an enormously high surge load (water volume and substances) and is only possible to a limited extent.
  • In addition, very high DOC freight costs are incurred even with regulated, dosed drainage into the public treatment plant.
  • The solution: BENE DECON, a nature-identical application-optimised treatment system for de-icing water

The BENE approach:
p to 40% of the de-icing water disperses across the airport surfaces during take-off and is broken down by nature.

The other 60% is distributed via the sprinklers of the BENE DECON system, which means that a consistent environmentally-friendly breakdown can be ensured for practically the entire de-icing water volume.


  • Aircraft carriers
  • Aprons
  • Civil airplanes
  • Helicopters
  • International airports
  • Jets
  • Runways
  • Small airplanes
  • Taxiways