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Main categories of the separator market

The light fluid separator market can be divided into two main categories: conventional separators and maintenance-free separating technology.
The optimal separator is an essential component of the required drainage concept, since it determines the maintenance and operating costs for many years. For this reason, BENE invests a lot in the area of research and development to provide the customer/planner with the best solution. Conventional separators possess several weaknesses, which is why filter-free and maintenance-free separator technology is increasing in popularity.

BENE enables operators to use innovative technologies to save expenses. The principal function of separator systems appears relatively simple at first glance, but there are clear differences between individual system solutions, which ultimately determine the maintenance and operating costs. For this reason, a close examination of the respective application case is recommended when selecting the system solution. In this case, BENE provides the optimal system solution, from separators for workshops up to airport separators.