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BENE's special strength:
Tailor-made customer solutions

Several sample solutions that have
been developed together with BENE engineers,
customers, and their planners.

e.g., NATO airport Estonia, NS 180

e.g., Central-European container terminal, NS 300

e.g., international airport, NS 1,400

e.g., largest European BENE separator, at Berlin airport, NS 1,800

e.g., tank washing plant,
NS 480

e.g., international Eastern-European airport, NS 750

e.g., washing plant
for military vehicles,
NS 300

e.g., large-scale air conditioning technology in an Arab country, NS 60

Other sample solutions:

  • Mineral oil tank terminal, e.g., NS 240
  • Port terminal, e.g., NS 180
  • Oil industry, e.g., NS 200
  • Pharmaceuticals industry, e.g., NS 400
  • Pharmaceuticals industry, e.g., NS 120
  • etc.

Do you need a special solution?
We would be happy to develop a tailor-made customer solution. 

Just contact us via:
E-Mail: planungshilfe@bene.de

Telefon: +49 7841 / 2045-110

e.g., separator with double-walled safety technology in a water protection area, NS 40