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Repairs & restoration

Model-independent BENE (partner) services:

  • Preparatory emptying and cleaning of the system
  • Shaft restoration (joints)
  • PE coverings for shaft structure
  • PE shafts
  • Separator and system restoration (coating, installation parts, joints)
  • PE coverings for separator
  • Pipe cleaning, testing, restoration
  • Replacement of functional parts (e.g., float gauges, coalescence material, etc.)
  • Conversion of existing systems to respond to current requirements (class I level retrofit)
  • Implants consisting of stainless steel of HDPE in existing separators
  • Retrofitting with regard to required warning and monitoring systems
  • Replacement of the separator
  • Conversion of systems to filter-free separators (e.g., high-power turbo separators)
  • Warning systems