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Safety & Guarantee

The high BENE quality standard is defined by

  • qualified technical personnel,
  • experienced, skilled engineers,
  • use of high-quality materials,
  • use of modern finishing processes and machines.

BENE produces German quality products according to European standards with international partners. BENE products are used worldwide, proving the performance of BENE employees and confirming "quality, safety & guarantee" in BENE's company philosophy.


BENE customers enjoy special safety benefits with BENE products for many years

  • due to operating security,
  • due to maximum environmental safety,
  • due to the safety many years of operational readiness, and
  • due to operating cost safety.

One special example of the BENE guarantee is the HDPE interior covering for high-performance separators for maximum protection against chemical and mechanical stress. In case of this product configuration, we provide a 15-year guarantee for the sealing in the basic container.

We're proud of the numerous years we have of customer relationships and the corresponding trust of our customers, e.g., thanks to BENE's quality, safety & guarantee.