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BENE – your specialist in oil separators, organic greases + oils, special technologies


Oil in drainage water? – BENE offers products and services.

BENE is the specialist company in the area of "oil in water". This focus provides BENE customers with products and services at the highest level. BENE has been developing the newest technologies for drainage treatment for over 20 years in Achern, in Germany's Black Forest.

Components and products made of stainless steel, plastic, and reinforced concrete are produced in our company's own factory in the Bauhaus city of Dessau. BENE uses high-quality materials and construction materials, and modern production processes.

The products are subject to the highest quality requirements and continual inspections.
Free consultation for planners/builders with BENE engineers on-location is a matter of course.

BENE service personnel are active around the world and are able to complete prompt maintenance and repairs on wastewater purification products and all separator models. Environmental protection and operating safety have top priority.

BENE – expertise in diverse sectors


BENE – everything involving innovative separator technology. The technology of tomorrow, today. Trusty advice for planners: project-specific, tailor-made, all aspects considered. more...

Automotive factories, car dealers, workshops, scrap yards. BENE provides the right drainage system for any requirement. more...

Whether this involves automated car washes or self-service wash parks, small cars or tanks, BENE technologies for washing water preparation rise to meet any challenge. more...

Many forms of transportation of people and goods introduce materials hazardous to water into the drainage system. BENE always has the right solution. more...

Reliability and operating safety; not just when it matters. BENE - your partner for municipal facilities and operations. more...

Quickly on-site, convincing demonstration: BENE separators for secure, continuous operations. more...

Tailor-made separator technology for any application. BENE has always been known for the best-possible technical processes in drainage systems. more...

BENE assumes the role of the leading innovator, not just in the area of oil separators. BENE grease separators feature pioneering technologies. more...

BENE – separators in in-situ concrete, pre-fab concrete parts, PE, and stainless steel designs for in-ground installation
or for free set-up