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BENE separators

Separators are part of an organised company disposal concept. Among other things, they provide operating safety and protect sewer systems. Light fluids (e.g., petrol, oil, diesel), but also animal and vegetable oils and fats are materials that are hazardous to water and may not enter the sewer or public water system. For this reason, companies that produce water-endangering materials must treat wastewater according to the current guidelines of the German water management act.

BENE is your reliable partner in all areas involving oil in industrial wastewater. BENE offers the ideal individual product solution for diverse requirements. Our BENE technical consultants are happy to help you. We choose from a large range of products, adapt your wishes to existing products, or develop new technologies and new products in cooperation with our customers/planners.

The BENE product portfolio includes petrol, coalescence, oil, and grease separators. All BENE products are available in different deployment variations:

  • In-ground installation, especially in pre-fab reinforced concrete components
  • In-situ concrete basin with BENE function modules
  • Free set-up options, especially in stainless steel and PE
  • Mobile systems in containers or on vehicles (off-road is also available)